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Folisin contains ingredients which:

  •  Support natural hair growth
  •  Reduce the intensity of hair loss
  •  Help maintain normal hair pigmentation
  •  Support keeping proper testosterone level


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Why do you lose hair?

The reasons why the hair falls out are associated with many factors – both external and internal. Our body is a complicated machine – each of its processes affects another. Poorly balanced diet, stress, hormonal problems or genes – all these factors can disrupt the hair growth cycle and accelerate hair loss.

Every day your hair is exposed to several negative factors:

Genetic predisposition
Hormonal imbalance
Nutritional deficiencies
Improper treatment

Day after day, hair follicles are subjected to these factors and, as a result, cannot develop properly. Each hair needs to go through three phases: anagen, when new hair cells are formed, telogen (resting state), and catagen (dieback). All irregularities in the functioning of the body, as well as various external factors, disturb the natural hair cycle, contributing to increased loss and growth of weak and thin hairs.

The fact the we lose hair is an absolutely normal occurrence. We lose about 100 hairs per day. Unfortunately as a result of endo- and exogenic processes, this occurrence can manifest itself more strongly in men. Folisin contains specially selected ingredients, which help in maintaining healthy and strong hair. Thanks to the unique properties of the minerals, plant extracts and other compounds, hair loss processes slows, and new hair grows in strong and is resistant to damage. Additionally, the supplement ingredients help in maintaining the hair’s natural color, slowing the pigment loss process. A well balanced diet, physical activity, a sufficient amount of sleep and Folisin – this is a fool-proof way to achieve strong and healthy hair. Let’s not forget about being systematic. Only conscientious care over each of these aspects and the daily taking of the supplement can ensure satisfactory effects.

Folisin will help you maintain healthy and full hair through:

  • Induces the anagen phase and shortens the telogen phase
  • Antiandrogen properties
  • Maintains the hair’s pigmentation
  • Slows down hair loss



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